Why rent?

Now, more than ever, the environment is at the heart of many economic and political decisions. Financial objectives have to be met while environmental objectives are increasingly running in parallel. In the Netherlands Circular 2050 programme, the central government has set out the vision to turn the Dutch economy into a circular economy in which there is no waste and all raw materials are reused.

Social objective

An important part of this programme is the raw materials agreement in which it has been agreed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The 2019-2023 implementation programme gives concrete form to this raw materials agreement and also contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG12), which concerns responsible consumption.
The ambition is to achieve an intermediate target of a 50% reduction in the use of primary raw materials (mineral, fossil and metals) by 2030.

Shared use equals lower cost

Efficient use of consumer goods is an important link in the circular economy of the future. The current model in which a product is held as property and is not used for a large part of its lifespan is obsolete.
Renting or leasing significantly increases the efficiency level of consumer goods, as a result of which production can be scaled down and less raw materials and energy are needed to meet demand.
In addition, shared use instead of ownership also means that costs can be significantly reduced, which means that this is a double edges sword, we are talking about a sincere win-win situation.

As an entrepreneur, it may be wise to make the choice to spread out a large investment over a longer period of time. Renting can be a good option. This ensures that you have more liquidity to make other investments. Investments that can help your company move forward immediately, such as an advertising campaign, or a machine for the technical workshop. An additional advantage is that the monthly costs are fixed in advance. An additional advantage is that banks often do not view rental as a long-term loan and therefore it looks better on your balance sheet.