ATEX phone rent

Are you active in hazardous areas, such as petrochemicals, chemical plants or storage tanks?

Then it may be important that an ATEX photo camera is available. This explosion proof camera allows you to work safely. With an ATEX photo camera you can capture clear and reliable observations, both in photo and video material. Would you like to purchase ATEX equipment such as an explosion proof camera, but do you think this is too expensive an investment? Rent an ATEX camera at

ATEX smartphones and other devices.

Phones that comply with the ATEX guidelines are robust and secure. This allows you to be in safe contact with the outside world. The ATEX smartphones that you will find on our website, all meet the strict ATEX requirements. In addition, our explosion-proof phones are waterproof, ergonomic and equipped with an Android operating system. In addition, our ATEX smartphones are equipped with an integrated camera of no less than 13 megapixels.

Renting an explosion proof phone: the advantages

At you can rent an ATEX phone or other instruments especially for Atex zones. Think for example of an ATEX photo camera, ATEX walkie-talkie and ATEX lighting. Our ATEX products are in perfect condition and you can rest assured that they are reliable. In the unlikely event that something is wrong, for example with your explosion proof phone, you can of course count on the right service. Another advantage of renting an ATEX phone is that you do not have to purchase expensive ATEX devices yourself. You can rent the explosion proof ATEX cell phone whenever you need it.

Renting an ATEX product? Click here for our range of ATEX equipment.