About us

Rentic is created out and part of the parent company Hacktic Computer Products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of the Netherlands was working at home. This situation suddenly created a lot of need for IT equipment for home use. From within the B2B sector there was already an increasing demand ongoing for the rental of IT equipment. This demand, combined with awareness from our side (owning less and less equipment to work together towards a circular economy), has led us to start specializing in the rental of IT equipment.

Regardless of the size or duration of your project, Rentic offers fast, flexible and full-fledged solutions for every situation, both the business and in some occasions also the individual customer. This way Rentic takes away all your worries about ICT issues and you will be able to focus on your project and business.

If there is something you can't find on Rentic.nl but you are in desperate need of it, please let us know. By customizing your needs, we know for sure that together we can come to the right solution.

Why Rentic

Our goal is to help you and make your work easier. You don't have to worry about your ICT infrastructure, so you can entirely focus on your business. Thanks to our efficient organizational structure, we can offer you a high degree of convenience in rental, logistics, configuration, installation and service for all of your IT hardware.

Thanks to our accumulated knowledge and experience, we are able to offer you a number of strong advantages. Advantages that will make the difference. Advantages that will make ICT easier for you!

Our advantages:

Because of our 20+ years experience in the ICT sector, our aim is to provide the most transparent solution for our customer. 

  • Transparent and fair prices that are immediately shown on the website
  • Large possibilities through customization
  • Different delivery options
  • Only high quality products with top brands
  • Full installation, service & support
  • The familiar and high quality service that Hacktic has been offering the customer for years

So whether you want to rent for 1 day or for several months, if you choose to do this with Rentic, you choose a reliable partner that takes away all your worries and is ready for you 24/7!